Friday, February 25, 2011

This week Im Grateful for : Children Growing Up

 You can spend all day with a child and not notice the changes....

I had not realized that Bop had grown up so much until we visited the eye doctor this week.

In the mist of her examination I giggled at something and her response to me was,

"Mommy this is important, stop messing about ... I have to get this correct so the doctor can get the correct lens for my glasses"

I guess that was me told.

She then went on to chose her glasses frames with the poise of a 12 year old. I did wonder where my 7 year old had gone.

In former years we have had temper tantrums .... total messing about..... and really bad behavior.

So this week I am So very very grateful for Bop growing up.

Her behavior was perfect and believe me when I say I have high standards where my children's behavior is concerned ...its high... I would not want me as a mother... I'm totally anal ...  and more so when we are out in public.

She did me proud and she was such a joy to be around.....

I am welcoming this change in her...... because its not been an easy 6 months with her..... as some of you will very well know .... her RADDY ways have about drove me crazy at times....

Are you grateful for anything this week
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Happy Weekend Everyone

♥ Rachel


Michelle Twin Mum said...

Hi, Visiting from reasons to be cheerful. I have a 7 year old too but a boy, so he is still comepetely at the messing stage! lol

Mich x

Sarah said...

That's so lovely. When we went through the getting glasses trip last year Mr 7 could hardly see the frames through his sobs. He was just devastated about the whole thing. I'm a wee bit envious you had such a positive experience.

Laura said...

you have to be proud of here!...I used to hate wearing glasses!!!!;^)

beck said...

How lovely that you are celebrating your daughter, she sounds like a gorgeous girl. Hope the happy days continue xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Yes, they grow into young ladies quickly, my 3 girls are between 9 & 12. My 7y.o. son went to the eye doctor & was brilliant, but all my 4 love medical intervention. He's not ready for glasses, but when he does, oh boy, his dimples will be to die for.
Lovely to hear from a proud mummy, love Posie

Dizzy Lizzie said...

What a sweet post!

Cate said...

What a great observation - they do seem to grow up in leaps don't they?? I just bought snowbear a denim jacket and scarf (that I would like!) - she looks about 14 (very scary) :-)
have a great weekend

Maxabella said...

You should be so proud - taking responsibility for herself is a massive leap in the right direction. I can't believe she is only 7.

Where do our babies go!?! x

Sheffy said...

Daughters can become so sensible so quickly. Our son always says he had two mothers! (one being our sensible daughter!)

Kymmie said...

This is such a lovely grateful. I'm so proud of my girls, but still spin out when they drive me places and pop home all grown up. They're still 7 and 9 in my mind. But the reality is 22 & 24! Where did it go? Hang tight and enjoy the moments. It sure flies right on by! xx