Thursday, April 21, 2011

2 Photographers 1 Inspiration : Spring

This weeks promopt is Spring....and again I am a day late....
My excuse it was my oldest Spring concert at school last night, and what a totally enjoyable time we had..... I love seeing them in their concerts mainly as its a firm reminder to myself how far they have come since we became a family...and last night was a sure reminder. 

So Mellisa chose the prompt this time and she chose Spring.... well I wish Spring would come.
It has done nothing but rain here now for days...its cold .... that cold that for to days now Ive had to light the wood stove.

But in true mother nature style the daffodils have come to visit 

Its about the only thing that has may I add.....

Pay a visit to Mellisa and Kristi ....... Their imagines are wonderful.

♥ Rachel

Monday, April 18, 2011

The ABC: L is for Light

 So its official Blogger really isn't a good friend of mine..... last weeks post we scheduled to publish .... but it didn't .... and because I wasn't feeling so well...I never did check we are now a week behind..or should I say I'm a week behind....

So L is for Light

And hopefully I will post M sometime this week

♥ Rachel

Thanks to Paint The Moon... the template that I use to show the ABC's is a download from Paint The Moon

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 Photographers 1 Inspiration : Color

 They say better late than never, and in my case I would have to agree.
So yesterday was 2 Photographers 1 Inspiration : Color.
and I'm a day later...... but I have an excuses ....I have a sick child in the house and she is keeping me on my toes.
So in honor of coloring because we are bored...lets face it there is only so much TV you can watch and only so many books you can read. My photo for Color is pencils....bright shiny pencils which Miss Kayla helped me arrange.

If you have time why not hop on over to Kristi's and Mellisa's and see their take on Color ....worth a visit

♥ Rachel

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The ABC :K is for Kayla

 This was an easy one......
It seemed only right after last week that I featured my daughter.....

Her name is Kayla (fitting) and she is 7 going on 17 .......

She tells me she is going to be a singer when she grows up ........ and to be honest she can belt out a tune.

So here is K

So like we always say ...Remember anyone can join in with ABC Monday .... just show a craft or a color or a photo that is the letter we are on for the week.

Also let me apologize.... we are a day late in putting ABC Monday up as blogger for some reason did not want me to publish yesterday .   

♥ Rachel

Thanks to Paint The Moon... the template that I use to show the ABC's is a download from Paint The Moon