Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 Photographers 1 Inspiration : Color

 They say better late than never, and in my case I would have to agree.
So yesterday was 2 Photographers 1 Inspiration : Color.
and I'm a day later...... but I have an excuses ....I have a sick child in the house and she is keeping me on my toes.
So in honor of coloring because we are bored...lets face it there is only so much TV you can watch and only so many books you can read. My photo for Color is pencils....bright shiny pencils which Miss Kayla helped me arrange.

If you have time why not hop on over to Kristi's and Mellisa's and see their take on Color ....worth a visit

♥ Rachel


April Saunders said...

This is Awesome. I love the detail that you were able to capture and then fuzz out. Very creative. Thank you for sharing and your perspective.

Melissa said...

Hi- I've popped over from K & M's...

Love your colour image!

We seem to be having the same week many miles from each other!

I have a little 5 year old home from school attached to my side...I think we've seen Bedknobs & Broomsticks more than enough this week!!

Melissa x

Kristi said...

Love the focus and the bright colors you've gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear you have a little one that is sick. That is no fun for anyone. Here's to a quick recovery. Hope you have a lovely day. ♥

Lynda and Jerry said...

Very nice - I love the detail. Terrific macro shot.

Sorry about your sick child. Makes for long, long days, as I recall...

luke and kourt said...

I love the metallic look. Great image and focus. Hope your little one heals up quick!