Who Am I ?

I think this is one of the hardest pages to write on a blog ....
But I will try my best not to bored you

I guess....in a nut shell I am

Married to TMOMD (The Man of My Dreams)

Mommy to two, boy and a girl

English by birth American by marriage

A Creative mess  .... yes mess ... I have far to many ideas running through my head at any given point that its imposable to do any of them ... Now if God was to add a few more hours to my day we may just get somewhere.

A Go Getter ... If I want it I will go get it ... I stop at nothing to achieve.

The driving force behind Tatter Beans Photography.

And the woman who cooks the meals, makes the beds, irons the clothes and cleans the bathroom (Yuck) along with a few other unthinkable chores.

That's me ....thanks for reading...hope now you know all this you will stick around to get to know me a bit better.