Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The ABC :K is for Kayla

 This was an easy one......
It seemed only right after last week that I featured my daughter.....

Her name is Kayla (fitting) and she is 7 going on 17 .......

She tells me she is going to be a singer when she grows up ........ and to be honest she can belt out a tune.

So here is K

So like we always say ...Remember anyone can join in with ABC Monday .... just show a craft or a color or a photo that is the letter we are on for the week.

Also let me apologize.... we are a day late in putting ABC Monday up as blogger for some reason did not want me to publish yesterday .   

♥ Rachel

Thanks to Paint The Moon... the template that I use to show the ABC's is a download from Paint The Moon

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Anonymous said...

Her smile makes me smile