Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love to Pounce.

    So here it is Tuesday's Pounce .... I did in fact find my pounce via a treasury I was featured in...... The Treasury is called His Kisses are as soft... and it was curated by JulietsQuill.

I went to check this shop out and WOW I'm so glad I did .... I love soft whimsical finds and that's what I found at Juliet's Quill is all about ...  Here is a bit about Juliet's Quill which will help explain this wonderful shop

As a former English teacher and published poet and journalist, as well as a guest speaker reading my own works at many special events such as weddings, funerals and conferences, I am happy to devise for you anything that you desire!

I have won several awards, both in Canada and the U.S.A., incl. the Silver Poet Award by Nat. Library, (Vincent Price awarded this) and Top Author (judged and awarded by Screenwriter Kay Linaker, author of The Blob and many others, as well as actress in 1940's Hollywood). I have also been featured in several newspapers, incl. front page of the Ottawa Citizen, Canada's National newspaper, along with AlanisMorisette and her song-writing team.

I am like catching flies here people this woman is awesome and so talented ... Can you imagine having a poem wrote just for you on your special day or you have one wrote just because your worth it ...and it is all wrote in calligraphy. 
Or you can write one and Juliet will write it out for you in her writing .... calligraphy.... it makes me think of William Shakespeare .... and makes me feel all romantic

I totally find it so wonderful the things you can find on Etsy .... Today I found a poet .....

Go check Juliet out you wont regret it I promise you

Remember anyone can join in...just link up below... and The pounce button can be found on the Buy page at Etsy 

♥ Rachel


Laura said...

That is so romantic!!!...like back in the days when the lovers used to find somebody who can write their love letter to their beloved ones!!...beautiful!

Tatter Beans said...

I know...I totally agree with you... Its truly wonderful

To Sew With Love said...

wow... really romantic!