Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a Little Shout Out

 Its really means something to me when I decide to do something throw it out there to my bloggy friends and they jump on board....
There are three blogs following along on The ABC project....

They are not big blogs but they are sure cute blogs and I thought you might enjoy them to..

Sahara's Memories 
hrushton art 
Whims and Fancies 

I love these guys for following along... it really does make it fun when people join in ... and there creations have been awesome to.... go pay them a visit ...give them some love ... 
I promise you wont regret it

♥ Rachel


Dizzy Lizzie said...

Zankyou tatterbean:) That's mighty kind of you!

Good day!


hrushton said...

Yep! Thank you Tatter!! Very sweet to mention us and give us some love.