Monday, February 21, 2011

The ABC :E is for Egg

 Or in this case Eggs.

When I began the ABC I planned a few out in advance, E was one of them.....

I knew I wanted to do Egg and I knew how I wanted it all to look ...the lighting and the over all feel ...and then I went a brought a new camera..

That changed everything ..

Because as you know when using something new it always takes that little bit longer to execute the plan .....

I nearly gave up at one point and went and picked up my old beloved camera.... but I didn't, instead I stuck it out and after some choice words and a few kiddie fits I got there.

I am now happy

This is a bit of a different look .... not the usual Tatter Beans look..... but I do like it ...makes me feel a bit warmer inside as it is snowing outside again.

And the Eggs remind me of soldiers standing to attention....
We came up with some random facts about Eggs as a family ...

I (Rachel) don't eat the white of the egg unless its scrambled
Bip (my son) doesnt eat the (in his words) yellow yucking bit unless its scrambled
Bop (my daughter) LOVESSSSS eggs
Hubby ..... why are we doing random facts about eggs?

So there you have it Random Facts about Eggs

And don't forget this weeks giveaway .... It ends Saturday 26th of February (midnight est time) and I will announce the winner on Sunday.

Remember anyone can join in with ABC Monday .... just show a craft or a color or a photo that is the letter we are on for the week.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.

♥ RachelThanks to Paint The Moon... the template that I use to show the ABC's is a download from Paint The Moon


hrushton said...

Nice Eggs!! I love those egg cups. It's very Spring-y.
I played this week too, so hop on over to my blog and visit. : )

Laura said...

really good!...I love the picture!! has like a retro stile to it!!

I am sorry I didnt participated this week,I had some things going on today,but next week I will be here with the F letter!!

petite hermine said...

I'm giving you a versatile blogger award! :) I know you got one from To Sew with Love but here's another one. Check the post here for more info.

Dizzy Lizzie said...

I love your eggs :) They look so happy! :)

Here is my E!


Dizzy Lizzie said...

I also wanted to tell you that I love your writing. It is very real and very very funny!