Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Story Behind The Picture.

I thought I would share with you a story... So if you are sitting comfortable I shall begin.

Summer just gone we noticed a nest had been built in a tree at the side of our house, it was a brand new nest, we had not noticed it before.

 A day went by and I remember looking up in the nest and seeing a bird just sitting in it.

 She looked so peaceful and content as she just stared out to space unaware of the fact that she was in the centre of a photo shoot.

A few more days past by and I remember hearing a very faint chirping sound coming from the tree area as I walked to the car, I looked half expecting to see the super model bird again but there was nothing.

On arriving back from an errand I stepped out of the car and heard the same quiet chirping again...this time as I looked.... there was something peeking its head over the top of the nest. As I looked a bit closers I saw who was making this sound.

There was two tiny baby's just waiting for their mommy to come and feed them
( you can just make out the second birds beak to the left of the photo)

When I look back at these photos I do have to say I find them a little overwhelming,watching new life form and being able to document it, I feel is an honor and a privilege.

Has nature ever allowed you that privilege ?

♥ Rachel

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