Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Little Giver Away for The New Year

All done and goes so fast, you spend weeks preparing and in one blink of the eye its over....

That's Christmas Day for you ......

I always feel a little deflated after Christmas day I think its the excitment of it all ... yes I still get excited, well I get excited cause the kids are so excited. I just cant help myself.

So because of my deflated feeling I decided to do a little give away

Follow me on Trumblr and get to chance to win any 5x7 of your choice .... how simple is that?
You have till New years Eve to click the link.
(Winner announced on 1/2/2011) 

Just leave me a comment letting me know you followed and which print you would like with some sort of contact info (email would be good I promise I wont stalk you)

Also I have a sale going on in my shop being an English Girl Boxing Day is a big thing in England and even if I don't live there any more its still fun to think I can join in with this tradition from afar.....

So visit TatterBeans Photography today and snag yourself a bargain.

Have a wonderful day everyone and don't forget to leave a comment and let me know how your Christmas day was, I would love to hear from you.

♥ Rachel


hrushton said...

I went to Tumblr and I heart the "just-my-cuppa-tea "' print! Thank you!! : )

Charlot said...

Following you :) You have a picture there that is so breath taking, you commented "Amazing what the end of Fall and the beginning of Winter brings". You should make it available at your store! Although, 'Tea time' is soo beautiful :) My husband lived in UK for many years and he got me into the tea, I have to say I love it!