Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Stroll : Including my First Sponsorship

Its been a funny old week.
Lots of comings and goings, we had an encounter with another car, a bust water pipe, a treasury that reached number one on the listing page and my first sponsorship.

Yes that's right I am now an official sponsor of a lovely blog called The Elephants Trunk.... ever since I found Lauren and her blog I have been contemplating becoming a sponsor...

Today I took the Elephant by the trunk and just did it.

I really recommend Lauren's blog it is full of lots of stuff to do ... she has some wonderful guest posts and I just know you guys would really enjoy it... she is also an Etsy shop owner

Also this week I have finished another collection ..... No really name for this collection It was more a theme that I had in mind.... a theme of sepia ..... as sepia is something I relate to as old...and we all know I love anything older than me .....

So here we have my latest collection... and if any of you can think of a name for it ...I would love to hear from you ...

Well that's my week in a nutshell.... how was your week...? anything interesting happen?

I'm wondering what the week to come will bring .... thinking good vibes !!

♥ Rachel


Lauren said...

So excited to have you! :)

hrushton said...

I like the sepia...very pretty. No names are coming to me just yet though. I'll get back to you!