Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Love to Pounce.

Pounce day.... Discover something new day ... whatever you call it .....

I love to pounce is all about finding new shops on Etsy via the Pounce button the Etsy use on their buy page.

So if your not looking for something specif then the pounce feature is the way to go.

Each week I link up with my team, The Undiscovered Artist of Etsy and I also add a link to my page for those of you who are not in the team but wish to join in. (both links are the same)

So today's pounce is The Paper Moon Studio

Found them in less than three pounces and it was an instance attraction.....

Paper it always gets me everytime... they have some wonderful prints in their shop all of which would look wonderful in any home...

The owner of Paper Moon is also a fine arts artist and does have another shop which still comes under the category

Go visit them they have some wonderful prints .... and you know this one here would be fitting in most of our homes
So who did you pounce today .... join up with me

♥ Rachel


Sahara's Heart said...

Nice find!!!

BonAndChi said...

love their style~ :D

Holeestars said...

Like the I need More Coffee great find!