Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Love to Pounce.

Its Tuesday and its Pounce day .... now I have Pounced but I have to admit I didn't use the pounce button today.
I pounced someone I meet in our teams BnR's....
So Ladies and gentlemen let me  Introduce to You


I thought hector was a girl... don't as me why I just did but Hector informs me he is in fact all boy/man... and his real name is Christopher J Kulfan

He will always be hector to me... and his work will always inspire me ....

Oh and if you ever get the chance to meet hector...ask him how his name came about ... its an awesome story.

Go check hector out ...and I'm also hoping you will see more from me and hector in the near future... he is sort like my new camera buddy

♥ Rachel


BonAndChi said...

Nice to meet you Christopher~ :)
Love your photos!! X3

I'm going to link here Rachel for the pounce a shop~ 'coz I can't find the Linky tool you had last week~ X3


Tatter Beans said...

Bon its on the teams blog... I posted it was up ..ill go swap you to it :)

BonAndChi said...

thanks Tatters! X3
I got lost~!! lol

Charlot said...

I sort of cheated too with last Tuesday's pounce :) I featured BonAndChi.. don't we all love her? I am off taking a look at Hector's art prints (and will make sure I ask the story of the name ;) Btw, Thanks for allowing me to win one of your prints!! Thanks thanks!!