Thursday, March 3, 2011

Color Palette Blog Walk

First of all let me say .... I have had way to much fun doing this .... This much fun should not be allowed.

I signed up to take part in the color palette blog walk a few weeks ago... as a way to learn something new... I have never done a color palette before.. I have seen them done and always admired others work when doing them.
Brandi over at Brandi Girl A Life Inspired by Color has hosted a color pallete blog walk before... so this is the second one and Brandi I really hope you do another soon.

I have enjoyed looking at other peoples work... I know I don't say much... but honestly their work has been amazing.

I picked out two of my favorite photographs that I had taken recently .... I then took a new photography.
So here are my three color palettes....

I love this little guy....
My favorite print in my shop at the moment

 The new photography I took a few days ago
Makes me feel like there is hope for Spring coming soon

I am really happy with the results... and I feel like I could do this at lest once a week

A big thank you to Brandi for not only hosting this blog walk... but for suppling the palette already made up...

Here is a list of others taking part... you really should go look...

Full Schedule

Monday, Feb. 28th
Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog
Erin at Treasures Found
Jen at Jen Judd Rocks
Shari at Exploring the Wonders of Life

Tuesday, March 1st
Karen at Creative Thoughts and Inspirations
Julia at UlvDesign
Jessa at The ReArtingDotNet Blog
Lyn at Lyn Foley Jewelry Blog

Wednesday, March 2nd
Jescalyn at Peach Honey Love
Paige at Paige Maxim Designs
Katrina at Ma Joie Press
Jenni at Jenni's Beads

Thursday, March 3rd
Christie at Displaced Urbanite
Rachel at TatterBeans
Brittany at The Home Ground
Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio

Friday, March 4th
Rachel at Balanced Crafts
Wren at Each Day
Kelly at Mackin Art
Kristy at Simply Shiny Blog

♥ Rachel


Sarah Knight said...

interesting : )

christie said...

Oh, I love the second photo and palette. So dreamy but has so much depth to it, too.

raine studios said...

very interesting.

color kind of scares me, but I'm starting to get over it.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Wow! Beautiful work. What a lovely idea.

Maxabella said...

What a fun idea! I love that tree image of yours and the colours are spot on.

I've got no idea how this works, so I'm going to go over to Brandi's and check it out. Is a 'blog walk' just another word for 'blog hop'? x

Brandi said...

Oh my gosh, these are absolutely fabulous!! Rachel, I'm totally blown away by all three. They are all gorgeous - I love the strong red in the first one, I love the darkness of the second, and the third is so light and happy.

Thanks so much for playing along!!

Karen M said...

I just love the second photo and palette. Quite dreamy, really. Love the bright colours in the last palette, made me smile.

Pixel Berry Pie Designs said...

I think this might be my first time on your blog... love it! I'm totally going to become a new follower. This post about the color palettes is pretty awesome.... I need to do this myself I think! Hmm, Wow.

TesoriTrovati said...

Amazing photos! I love that vivid red on that woodpecker. So stunning! That tree. *Sigh*. that is so magical. And that last one does scream spring. I am already screaming at the forecast for more snow so this color palette is a welcome treat! This has been fun.
Enjoy the day!

Heidi said...

What beautiful photos. I ♥ that woodpecker :)

Jess said...

Love the mod vibe I'm getting from the first picture!! I feel a shopping trip coming on...

shari said...

I love the tree photo! The heart-shaped jelly beans is so cute... and the woodpecker is awesome! Great color palettes and awesome photos!

So nice to have you in the blogwalk!!! Have a great weekend!

ShinyAdornments said...

Gorgeous colors! I love your color choices.


Simply Shiny Blog

Jessa | ReArtingDotNet said...

The tree photo is amazing!

Lyn Foley Lampwork said...

I'm so glad I finally made it round the color palette ring. Your photos and palettes are wonderful. I especially like the woodpecker. Amazing how that shot of red perks up all the other colors. Mother Nature knows how to dress.

Cindy said...

Oh your photos are all so gorgeous...and amazing how each resulting color palette is so completely different.... I've enjoyed the blog walk with you and all of the other participants!