Monday, March 7, 2011

The ABC :G is for Glass

 I may have said this before..... "I wish I could get myself more organized"

All week I knew what I wanted my G to be.... all week.
So on the day (yesterday) I think to myself lets get this photography done and its raining..... yes I wanted to take this one outside in sunlight, and we have had so many sunny nice days despite the fact that we still have snow on the ground. I think ok its raining Ill do it tomorrow and I get up this morning and low and behold its raining .....


Now if I had only .... comes to mind...but its to late for if only.

Its raining and I had to suck it up and take this photography indoors.... 

So here is my G .......(Indoors)

Do you like the G is for green to thrown in there ....

So like we always say ...Remember anyone can join in with ABC Monday .... just show a craft or a color or a photo that is the letter we are on for the week.

♥ Rachel

Thanks to Paint The Moon... the template that I use to show the ABC's is a download from Paint The Moon


Dizzy Lizzie said...

What an interesting glass bottle. Its got personality for sure. Looks lik eit should be part of a noir movie! :) well shot.
is my G :) Enjoy!

hrushton said...

I like it! And you got a different effect from shooting it indoors, so it's a happy accident. : )
Here is my G,